The ONEcleaner Medical Enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergents clean surgical instruments more effectively for lower cleaning costs. Medical Enzyme Detergent Instrument Cleaning Solutions must deliver both enzymes and detergents for cleaning surgical instruments effectively.

One gallon of the ONEcleaner medical enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners deliver 512 gallons of fast acting and cost effective medical surgical instrument cleaners and surface conditioners. Buy the ONEcleaner detergent enzyme medical surgical instrument cleaners for the highest quality cleaning outcomes with the lowest possible reprocessing costs. The ONEcleaner medical detergent enzyme surgical instrument detergents will cut your costs for medical cleaners, guaranteed.

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Buy the medical surgical instrument cleaning detergent enzyme lubricant for cleaning surgical instruments cleaner, with four enzyme surgical instrument detergents and a free rinsing surgical instrument lubricant. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning detergents boost productivity. Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergent Medical Enzyme Detergents with a lubricant boost reprocessing productivity. Manufacturers of surgical instrument recommend that enzyme cleaning concentrates should be discarded after each use as these products are not microbicidal and will not retard microbial growth. The higher the proportion of enzymes the higher the efficacy. As a result, if the cleaning solution becomes laden with bioburden from previous cleaning, the efficacy of the enzyme cleaning concentrates is lower. The ONEcleaner contains: protease (enzyme) which break protein debris into smaller, more soluble subunits, amylase (enzyme) which catalyses the breakdown of starch, and lipase (enzyme) which breaks up fat-containing debris and carbohydrates. The highly concentrated ONEcleaner medical enzyme detergent facilitates using it longer for more cleaning cycles. Buy the ONEcleaner medical detergent enzyme surgical instrument cleaner and experience the highest quality reprocessing cleaning outcomes.
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Optimal Temperature for Surgical Instrument Cleaners
Enzyme cleaning concentrates function more effectively at temperatures above room temperature. The optimal range begins as > 22C - 72°F with performance reaching it's peak at 58.3C - 137F. This is often referred to as the optimal temperature for the performance or activity of enzymatic action. The activity of enzymes does not stop at higher temperatures but the level of performance does begin to decrease.

Buy one surgical instrument cleaner product and replace multiple surgical instrument cleaners. Buy one surgical instrument medical detergent enzyme cleaner lubricating product for your surgical instrument cleaner. Buy one surgical instrument detergent for your medical surgical instrument cleaner and lubricant surface conditioning product. Buy the ONEcleaner for high quality medical instrument cleaning with lower cleaning costs, the most highly concentrated medical enzyme detergent surgical instrument lubricant. The Enzyme surgical instrument detergents dilution rate is .25 to .5 ounces per gallon depending on level of bioburden, encrustation and stains. Buy the medical enzyme detergent ONEcleaner for the highest quality instrument cleaning with lower cleaning costs.

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