The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning detergents and enzymatic medical enzyme detergent surgical instrument products lower costs for surgical instrument cleaners, ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners, enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners and enzyme detergent endoscope cleaners for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization.

The primary purpose of surgical instrument cleaners is to remove surgical soil from the surfaces of medical devices. The optimal surgical instrument cleaning protocol for using surgical instrument cleaning detergents will break down surgical bioburden and clean the surface. Inadequate cleaning can result in material remaining on the surgical instrument which will prevent disinfection and sterilization fluids or gases reaching all parts of the potentially contaminated device. The proper use of surgical instrument cleaners is the prerequisite for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization.

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The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaner enzyme lubricant cleaners, clean faster. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergent four enzyme cleaners cut costs. Manufacturers of surgical instrument usually recommend that enzyme surgical instrument cleaners should be discarded after each use. Some manufactures of surgical instrument cleaning concentrates and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner Solutions include a bacteriostatic agent which will prevent the growth of microorganisms. The cleaning of surgical instruments prior to sterilization function efficacy is determined by the ratio of enzymes to bioburden. The higher the proportion of enzymes the higher the efficacy. If the cleaning solution or ultrasonic cleaner solution becomes laden with bioburden from previous cleaning, the efficacy of the enzyme cleaning concentrates is lower. Surgical instrument enzyme cleaner ingredients should contain: protease enzymes which break protein debris into smaller, more soluble subunits, amylase enzymes which catalyses the breakdown of starch, and lipase enzyme which breaks up fat-containing debris and carbohydrates enzymes. When a detergent cleaning concentrate states that is it high-level, the inference is that is contains a high concentration of enzymes.
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Enzyme cleaning concentrates function more effectively at temperatures above room temperature. The optimal range begins as > 22C - 72°F with performance reaching it's peak at 58.3C - 137F. This is often referred to as the optimal temperature for the performance or activity of enzymatic action. The activity of enzymes does not stop at higher temperatures but the level of performance does begin to decrease. Cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization is as important as the sterilizing of the surgical instruments. Ultrasonic cleaner solutions , as recommended by all manufacturers of surgical instruments, must be neutral pH.  Hospitals are discovering the cost and clinical effective neutral pH ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning solutions and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning detergents for reprocessing surgical instruments. Surgical instrument cleaners and enzyme detergent ultrasonic cleaner solutions with or without enzymes, and detergents should not be used with antimicrobial substances. Use of non-foaming detergents is recommended. Foaming can inhibit fluid contact with device surfaces, and prevent a clear field of vision during the cleaning process.

The all-in-one ONEcleaner enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner detergents and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner solutions have been shown to be cost effective and deliver residue free medical devices. The ONEcleaner will replace costly surgical instrument cleaners and enzymatic ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners. Contact us for ONEcleaner enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaner pricing. The passive layer is provided by the manufacturer of the surgical instruments, within the surgical stainless steel, to prevent corrosion. Properly designed Surgical Instrument Cleaners will maintain and improve this passive layer. The ONEcleaner surgical Instrument cleaners will lower surgical instrument cleaning costs. The easy FOAM-it soaking enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner will clean surgical instruments fast. The surgical instrument cleaners that lubricate while they clean, clean faster. Combination surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners cut costs. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning detergent enzymatic lubricants are designed for cleaning surgical instruments residue free with lower cleaning costs with enzymes, surgical instrument detergents, and a surgical instrument lubricant. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning detergents boost reprocessing productivity.

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